• I Highly recommend SEFT for ALL woman! Rod Mills is very knowledgeable, professional, tuff yet patient & understanding! fearless. His presence alone sets off a sense of safety & security. This experience fun and life changing for me!
    Jacqueline James
  • absolutely loved the class.. Rod Mills is Awesome at what he does...Highly recommend his class
    Sharon Olney-Hill
  • I had my lesson today and was impressed with Rod, he was very professional and his instructions were very clear. I started out nervous, but by the end of the lesson I had more confidence in handling and shooting a firearm. thank you Rod!
    Carrie Eisenhauer
  • Ron was so patient with 1st Timers for our Family Shooting Range session. Highly recommend his Services. Already booked next session; he Books Up Quick!
    LaTanya Wynn-Hall
  • I truly enjoyed my class. Mr Mills was very patient and he took his time explaining everything to me. I went in afraid and came out very confident! I definitely recommend taking a class!!!
    Maqueitha S Davis
  • absolutely amazing I went from having fears to being confident in holding an firing a gun thanks! Rod mills is the best...
    Jody MisfluffyHalls
  • Rod is extremely knowledgeable and Skilled. I will recommended him for the whole family.
    Alysia Agnew
  • I'd recommend Rod for anyone who wants to learn how to use a weapon appropriately and shoot with accuracy. He pushed me past my fears,was very patient, and would not allow me to quit! Thank you!!!
    Syreeta Cuthbert
  • I would highly recommend @RodMills for your personal conceal weapons training. He was very patient and knowledgeable. I was nervous in the beginning but his motivation and support through the course allowed me to excel. THANK YOU ROD!!
    Debra Harrison Rhymes
  • I recommend Rod to anyone for thoroughly learning all firearm safety and his firearm training. He took his time with me and got rid of all my fears concerning gun ownership.
    Stacey Simmons Brightwell
  • Rod's professionalism and ability to teach proper handling of firearms is exceptional. His services are highly recommended. 5 stars!
    Carla Shaw
  • Overall an amazing experience with Rod. Took the family to get some training by a pro and he didn’t disappoint. I would recommend him to any and everyone.
    Malik Ricks
  • Just recently attended the Firearm certification class today with my mom! Mr. Mills was very professional and definetly insightful with the class and i will highly recommend his class to others as well!!
    Shanel Mitchell
  • Mr. Mills is an exceptional and well informed trainer. Definitely enjoyed my training experience and felt more comfortable than I ever have holding a gun in my hand. I will most definitely continue returning for more training in aiming and shooting. It’s worth it!
    Vivian Marie Borque
  • I had a great time at the range today with Mr Mills. I learned so much today about hand guns and myself. I learned I am a controlling person. Lol 😂 and my hand gun was too small. 9mm here I come.
    Angel Roach
  • Took the concealed weapons certification class with Rod and he was very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and helped me feel more comfortable handling a gun. Will definitely be signing up for his range class next!
    Elizabeth Whipple
  • Rod is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I recommend him for the entire family. I highly recommend his services for all of my friends and family members(new weapon owners as well as existing). We had a great day at the range! I will be returning.
    Leana Ricks

A Few Class Participants